Jojo the Dancing Klown (jojotdklown) wrote in nerdfanmatch,
Jojo the Dancing Klown

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Nerd Fantasy Match!

Last time we met to clowns were waging war under the big top! Two heavy weight clowns that have been american house hold names for years, dukin' it out to for the title coolest clown ever!!!

Now the sad thing is I think the ones who voted Bozo, me included, may have been mistaken. yeah he is the coolest clown, that's more like a real clown, but come on. Seriously, I'm sure Even though Ronald has Magic powers...Ronald has prolly killed a few people for real.

Ronald's Magic Skills only seem to be used for minimal positive purposes. if it rains he can make a flower into a umbrella. He can make ships to ride on, and pull cheese burgers out'his ass. Maybe piss pop and shit shakes... I DON'T KNOW. But when he fights it's with tickling, or singing. This info is from the cartoons and the commercials.

Bozo on the other hand, ol' boy has a pie throwin' arm if any one has one. Almost as good as Moe Howards' pie arm! He can't do anything more than what normal clowns do, but still that's more than Ronald can do!

So I see the fight taking place under a tent with a lot of props lying around! The two clowns running around like...clowns! Ronald asking for peace while Bozo is tryin' his hardest to pick up a weapon that won't pop!! Finally the clowns get to the pie cart!

Pies are thrown! Ronald gets one right in the puss! This gave him a great idea for a McDonald's Happy Meal dessert! Then the Gorilla was released! This cause the clowns to team up for a second!

The clowns used the old Bozo Telephone skit and knocked the ape out!!!

And at the end of their triumph they shook hands!...big big big mistake Ronald McDonald!!!


A roasted Ronald DOES in fact smell like French Fries!!!

The Winner and still Clown Champ: Bozo T. Clown!!!!!

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Please feel free to add stories, images, results, but mos def drop your votes!!!
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