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Jojo the Dancing Klown

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Nerd Fantasy Match!
Doo-do-do-doo, snap snap AWWWWW SNAP!!!!
The Munsters vs. The Addams Family! We started this match out by telling them their other family members were locked up, and the losers would have to be subjected to a mainstream makeover!!! I would have really like to see this fight take place. The Munsters are monsters yes, but even normal jackasses can stop monsters with the right equipment! And I'm guessing la famille macabre (Oh 'Tish, that's French!) just happens to have stuff lying around for a Frightening Family Fisticuffs!!

Of course with the young ladies, I can see the old TV show Wednesday Addams getting clubbered by Marilyn Munster. But a quick right jab from Thing knock Marilyn out cold!

But Pugsley always has some silver bullets lying never can tell when a werewolf may attack...oh, wait, yeah you can ON THE NIGHT OF A FULL MOON!!!

Grandmama and Grandpa actually had second thoughts in this fight at first they thought, well we should be friends, and maybe even consummate a fiendish union...then Granny hit him in the face with her spécialité de la maison!!! Garlic Batwings!!!

Then it was up Morticia and Lily went at it! No matter what vampiric postion Lily got 'Tish into she always was cool headed and mysterious. Lily on the other hand acted more like a Banshee and not the Vampiress she is, this cost her the fight! While Lily was using her vampire rage, 'Tish was able to over power her, and then give her the choice of 1.Burned at the stake or 2.Beheaded by guillotine!
To which Fester replyed, Burn at the stake...Well a Hot Steak is better than a Cold Cut!!!!

This made sense because Fester just got done "playing" with Spot, the Munsters pet dragon. They romped for a bit, all the while Spot pouring his heart into it and Fester just having fun! But when Fester grew bored with it he fed Spot 16 M80's with a nitro-glycerine cap...Spot is no more than a spot...

Then Herman whiped the floor up with Lurch. It looked like it would be a great battle but it wasn't it was sad a over so quick it was as though Lurch was a rag doll, but then it was Gomez vs Herman...
The Head of the houses, battling to the death. Weapons of Choice: Gomez-Swept Hilt Rapier Fencing Swords, and Herman-his huge, homunculus hands. Gomez dashing and fast, knowing if Herman got even one shot in he'd be a goner. He thrusted, he parried. And with a twirl, and stupid luck he managered to hit Herman in the neck and rendered his body immobile. Letting Fester suck the volts right out of him.

Poor Munsters...well at least they can come back for a sequel. But is it really over? Remember the Addams Credo: Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc
"We gladly feast on those who would subdue us."

To commemorate my first day at Clown Class I have selected the most famous clowns ever to duke it out! What a fight this would be! The Clown of Cartoons and Circus fun for almost 50 years vers the fastfood king of clowns himself!

Poll #830757 Nerd Fantasy Match 8

Ronald McDonald versus Bozo the Clown?

Ronald McDonald
Bozo the Clown

Please feel free to add stories, images, results, but mos def drop your votes!!!

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Bozo will fuck you up!
I love LOVE your fucking after blow by blows.
Ronald would win because he has magic.
And because bozo called me Carlos when I was on the grand prize game.
I feel like...Bozo might be tricky--but Ronald McDonald has magical powers, like putting stars in the sky and conjuring hamburgers out of thin air, which he could throw at Bozo until Bozo drowned in the grease. Also, Ronald McDonald never seems to die despite all the fast food he ingests, so I have to conclude that not only is he powerful, but he's IMMORTAL. Who can beat that? I mean really?
I like Bozo better.