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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Nerd Fantasy Match!
Well it wasn't even a close match for ET and AI. ET and AI were launched into a ring, their MO to fight? We told the Wussbot he can see his mommy and the Niel Diamond-lovin xenomorph he could call his planet! With no weapons and just their wit, the mecha went in like a champ swinging and kicking like nothin'. The alien, however, originally reluctant to fight at all dodged the bot for a bit. Once ET realized that the boy was a fauxboy-bot it was time to put this "machine" down. ET didn't take long to raise his glowing fingure and point it at AI. AI stopped dead in his tracks and fell over. With the exception of AI's ability to withstand extreme environments it does no good if someone turns you off from the inside. This match was figgity lame. The only reason it existed was because they were two gay Speilberg characters with Acronymical names. That match went to ET for having more distance attack than AI.

The first two families of macabre and eccentricity. Who hasn't ever wanted to see this go down? Now there are several factors we need to take into account here...I know more people like the Munsters because the look like your typical Universal Monster, and the Addamses are just creepy, kooky people, don't get caught in the Pop-vote, judging solely on who is your fav family here.

Now it would really come down to who is fighting who in this match. It would be no contest if Herman went up against Wednesday...although entertaining. The Munsters are indeed out numbered and out classed here, so will the Addams double up? Will Gomez and Lurch double-team Herman? Will Grandmama and Fester take out Sam "Grandpa" Dracula? Will Pugsley and Wednesday go up against the boywolf Edward Wolfgang Munster? I don't know?!?! Would Powers verses Wit count? I mean the Munsters are all Monsters here and the Addamses are just people...but normal people can kill vampires...and werewolves...and least I think they can.

But don't take my word for it check out the stats! Imagine the fight going down! Now something really has to get them going, without a good motivation for these guys to fight they'd just fall in love with each other and kiss like little girls. And the only thing I can come up with that they both hold above all else is...FAMILY. So we told them they we have the rest of their family in a cell...the losers get a free NERD FANTASY MATCH MAKE OVER!!! So Uncle Gilbert can walk among us OR will Itt get that hippy hair, cut!

So here we go the Kookiest Match YET!!!!
Lily Munster, Herman Munster, Sam "Grandpa" Dracula, Edward Wolfgang Munster, and Marilyn Munster (if Marilyn was Lily's sisters daughter...why was her last name Munster?) VERSES Gomez Alonzo Addams, Morticia A. Addams, Pugsley Addams and Wednesday Friday Addams, Uncle Fester and Grandmama Frump, Lurch the Manservant and Thing (Gomez's childhood friend, I bet)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hit it you Freaks!

Poll #798013 The Munsters vs. The Addams Family

The Munsters versus The Addams Family

The Munsters
The Addams Family

Please feel free to add stories, images, results, but mos def drop your votes!!!
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