Jojo the Dancing Klown (jojotdklown) wrote in nerdfanmatch,
Jojo the Dancing Klown

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Nerd Fantasy Match!

Last time we met it was a match to the freakin' Death and only one cat would emerge victoriously!!! Well not really.
Heathcliff was totally ready for the fight where as Garfield was sleeping. Heathcliff threw a garbage can at Garfield and that woke his happy fat ass up. Garfielf attempted to keep a tough face on, and dropped his one liners on Heathgliff's face, but didn't do much more than trying to stay away from Heathcliff. A few cats scratches were exchanged. And at the finally moment when Heathcliff was about to toss the winning blow, Garfield had a cup of coffee, coming back with full fat force. Instead of using his fists Garfield was clobbering him with household chachkas. Without noticing Garfield threw a pan of lasagna at Heathcliff and reacted in HORROR! Heathcliff becoming dumb-struck, licked his face and started laughing, which got Garfield laughing. So the two cats took the rest of the time eating the Italian Delicacy and becoming friends resulting in a tie/draw.
Next up...

Disclaimer: Well I still haven't gotten a paid account and I had to pay my shut off phone so again on the back-burner. Any one interested in getting me a gift, I will pay back IN CASH, would be greatly appreciated! So vote by posting this time around and with luck the polls will start again!!!

But on with the game! these two comic book characters are totally brothers! By way of Frasier TV show! So let's imagine that they are in fact Dr. Frasier Crane and Dr. Niles Crane have been given the powers of X-men's Dr. Henry "Hank/Beast" McCoy and Hellboy's Dr. Abraham "Abe/Blue" Sapien (respectively).

What are they arguing about this time? Well Niles just slept with Dr. Lilith Sternin...again. And they started a psychiatric practice that isn't going so well all in one day!!!

How will they even fight? Will it be physical or mental? Will it be strength vs. intelligence? Let the Battle BEGIN!!!!!!!
Please feel free to add stories, images, results, but mos def drop your votes!!!
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