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Jojo the Dancing Klown

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Nerd Fantasy Match!
The last time we all got together we had 2 separate matches and a Christmas Special. The first was two of the cutest girls in the 80's, outside of Candice Cameron, Strawberry Shortcake and Rainbow Brite, and next was the lovable Care Bears and Disney's GummiBears. And then last but not least was the Battle of the Bunnies Frank and Ralphie. Two bodacious bunnies, that's the real definition of bodacious, will be our first NFM round up.

It's no mistake that bunnies were only ever associated with Easter. But now when you think of Christmas no body doesn't know Ralphie. The pride of Hammond In...Homan, whatever. Jean Shepherd's classic tale of a little boy and his yen for a Red Ryder BB gun.
Versus the only bunnie that comes to mind when you think of Halloween...Frank. Donnie Darko's mysterious invisible friend from beyond the grave. Is he time traveling or just nuttier than a squirrel turd?
They are indeed the bunny embodiments of the other useless Holidays. The deal here is that Ralphie is the man with the temper. He can flip out at a drop of a hat, or a throw of a snowball. Frank is very mellow and artsy. Ralphie being too much of boy for the Rabbit suit, and Frank being too much of a bunny for crazy town...thought I was gonna say man suit? Well they both got their eye shot out as predicted by others, only Ralph survived and Frank didn't...until Donnie the that was a fucked up movie. Any Hoo, Ralphie clobbered the shit out of Frank with his patented "sit on their arms and pummel their face with a constant right-left combo until mommy comes and takes me into the house while I start crying because I'm so upset" maneuver. Ralphie wins 7 to 2!

Lets face it...Strawberry and the Gummibears didn't have a chance. Rainbow and the Care Bears are FREAKIN' Superheroes and the Straw and the matter how hot tempered or fast, can't really compare.

Rainbow Brite shot Shortcake in her fair face. 4-1...

Care Bear Stare to the Gummibears arrière! 2-1...

Well I guess a better match up would be:

Poll #914614 Care Bears versus Rainbow Brite

Care Bears versus Rainbow Brite

Care Bears
Rainbow Brite

You know that both of their powers work with light and rainbows. Vote fast so we can get to something new!
Please feel free to add stories, images, results, but mos def drop your votes!!!
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